"How to Make Deco Mesh Wreaths
Without All The Frustration..."

An easy step-by-step guide on How To Make Professional Wreaths Every Time



Now YOU too can learn to make Jaw Dropping, Stunning
Deco Mesh Wreaths and Decorations--for fun or profit!

  • Tired of paying high prices for professionally designed wreaths and decorations?

  • Do you make wreaths now but can't seem to make them look polished?

  • Want to avoid the time and frustration of internet searching on how to make these trendy wreaths?

  • Looking for a way to generate extra income?

  • Looking for creative ideas for holiday gift giving?

They look difficult but they are EXTREMELY EASY!

Then why not LEARN how to make Deco Mesh Wreaths and Garlands yourself? Deco Mesh is so versatile that it works for all YOUR decorating needs from weddings to Halloween! Deco Mesh is weatherproof for outdoors yet delicate enough for indoor decorating.

Just think....

Make your own seasonal decorations, so YOU can save money by not buying pre-made wreaths, garlands and centerpieces! Learn a new craft or hobby, so YOU can find that self-rewarding fulfillment missing in your life!

Why learn from Julie Siomacco?

I'm Julie Siomacco, owner of SouthernCharmWreaths.com.  I am considered one of the leading designers in deco mesh wreath design.  It's hard to believe but have been making and selling wreaths and garlands for almost ten years now...time flies when you are having fun! I started off my business with just making silk wreaths but then when I started making deco mesh wreaths, my business started to soar! I had so many customers wanting my beautiful deco mesh wreaths that I couldn't keep up with supply and demand.  I thought to myself, these wreaths aren't that difficult to make, I know I can teach others how to make them!  So I decided to divulge ALL of my techniques in this e-book; I've held nothing back! 

Now I've taught thousands (over 3000 copies sold) my secrets for making jaw dropping and professional looking wreaths EVERY time!
  I have people turning to me for guidance in starting their OWN wreath making businesses. I know I have found my life's calling when I receive emails weekly from e-book subscribers thanking me for sharing my secrets and showing them how they too can help provide for their own families. Teaching and encouraging others to succeed with making wreaths means more to me than just a sale; it's my passion!

I hope you give me the opportunity to make a difference in your life with this purchase; there is nothing to lose with my 60-day money back guarantee (scroll down to read my full gurantee below). You will see how easy these wreaths are to make!

From: Julie Siomacco
Floral Designer & Owner
of Southern Charm Wreaths


I first saw deco mesh material at a craft fair a few years ago.  I loved the look of it but could not imagine I could make something using it.  After reading Julie's story and following her easy instructions, I am now making wreaths galore!  This e-book is fabulous and I keep reading it because I pick out something new each time. The updates are packed with good ideas as well!

Karen, Opelika, AL

Professionally designed Deco Mesh Wreaths and Decorations retail between $70-$200 depending on the amount of elements added and your geographical region.  Then you could pay another $18-$40 for shipping because of the box size!

Get more bang for your buck by making wreaths YOURSELF! Once you start, you will see how easy and fun designing with deco mesh can be. Your neighbors will be so envious seeing your gorgeous deco mesh wreaths on your door! How shocked will they be to learn YOU MADE IT!

Sell your gorgeous creations on Etsy, Zibbet, Facebook or craft shows, so YOU can make extra income. The economy has taken a toll on everyone, what a creative and fun way to earn extra cash! Make a festive, unique gift so YOU can give a gift that last season after season!

Now YOU too will see how easy making deco mesh wreaths can be. This 60-page e-Book is exclusively ONLINE ONLY and can be downloaded to any computer, iPad or mobile device as many times as needed.  It is not available in hard back or in any store and is filled with over 156 instructional photos and includes chapters on:


 What is this Craze--Deco Mesh? Discuss the different styles, patterns, colors, prices and uses.


What Materials to Use? Learn about what types of materials are better than others, including: Wreath Bases, Ornaments, Ribbons and Signs.


Which Wreath Base? Learn about the different wreath base options and learn to secure mesh in each form, including: Wreath Forms, Grapevine Wreaths, Box Wire Frames and Straw Wreaths.


Step-by-step Instructions! Detailed pictures and explanation guiding the reader through designing the mesh wreath pictured below, including: Securing Mesh to the wreaths, Adding Ribbons, Adding Artificial Flowers, Securing Ornaments and Adding Signs.


Where can I buy Deco Mesh Wreath Supplies? A list of retail and wholesale suppliers found in stores and online supplying the Deco Mesh Madness. This lists grows daily and is updated daily in my forum! I have found a place that sells 10" deco mesh for as low as $3.25 a roll, 21" deco mesh for as low as $3.50 a roll and 20" work wreath forms.


How to take Pictures of Wreaths? Photo taking tips for listing wreaths online, to remember your talents or to share with relatives. 




1. Full Access to my Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design Forum.

This forum was designed specifically for crafters and wreathers alike. Discussions in this forum include where deco mesh supplies are found in your area, learning methods of other deco mesh wreath styles, finding ideas and inspiration for your next deco mesh wreath design, and more!

(Valued at $18.00 per month but you receive it FREE with your purchase!)

2. e-Guide Designing Deco Mesh Garlands!

Step-by-step e-Guide demonstrating how to make deco mesh garlands and their many uses. Plus an example of making a matching mailbox bow! This e-Guide is 18 pages with over 50 pictures!

(Valued at $24.97 but you receive it FREE with your purchase!)

3. Spreadsheet helping you calculate your wreath cost for selling retail.

Download and use as a template for calculating your retail mark-up for each of your wreaths. Just click; File, Save As and rename the file each time!  NOTE: Available in 3 versions: Excel 97, Excel 2007 or PDF, you choose.

(Valued at $9.97 but you receive it FREE with your purchase!)

4. A video showing step-by-step how designer, Julie Siomacco, makes a basic Deco Mesh Christmas wreath.

I want to ensure you have these steps down with no doubts! This video is approximately 30 minutes long and shows steps for adding mesh to wreaths, adding ribbons, adding ornaments and adding silk flowers.

(Valued at $29.97 but you receive it FREE with your purchase!)

5. Report on How to package your deco mesh wreath for shipment!

Whether you want to make wreaths to sell online for a profit or make a wreath to ship to Grandma and Aunt Jane as a gift, these instructions for packing wreaths for shipment will be what you need.

(Valued at $14.97 but you receive it FREE with your purchase!)

6. Wreath Recipes and Tutorial emails

Our wreath recipes will list the 'ingredients', brief instructions, location of supplies and cost of supplies for our more popular wreaths including a slim screen door wreath. These are sent periodically after joining our mailing list.

(Valued at $19.97 but you receive it FREE with your purchase!)

7. Candy Cane Wreath Video Tutorial

An hour long video showing you step-by-step how I make this gorgious candy cane wreath.

(FREE with your purchase!)

8. Curly Loop Method Video Tutorial

Just by joining our mailing list to receive FREE ebook updates, you will receive a video demonstrating how to make this curly loop wreath.

(Valued at $19.97 but you receive it FREE with your purchase!)

That is $137.82 of JUST BONUSes!


This in an excellent e-book. It has every detail you need to make your own wreath and wonderful photo's too. I have purchased e-books in the past claiming that they contained everything you need to start, only to find out that it was not true after receiving it. This is the first one that actually delivered everything as promised and the FREE stuff was also informative and not just "fluff" thrown in. I love the access to the forum as well. Julie is available to answer questions and encourage. There is no holding back on her part. My money on the e-book was well spent. Thank you, Julie!

Colleen, Nesconset, NY


Video showing pictures included inside the e-book.

However, I wanted to make it even easier for you to decide. How?  By making sure you're automatically protected by my...

"60 Day Money-Back Guarantee”

I am so confident that you will learn from my e-book how to make a deco mesh wreath; I am offering you, a very generous, 60 days to use this e-Book. That’s right, there is NO rush...try my e-Book out at your leisure. This gives you plenty of time to order your materials online or find them in your local stores and make your own beautiful deco mesh wreath.

If you don't find yourself making simply gorgeous wreaths, then I'll cheerfully give you a full refund with no hard feelings and everything I sent to you is yours to keep!

Julie Siomacco
Southern Charm Wreaths


When I first considered the Learn Deco Mesh ebook I was afraid with the fairly low price that I would only get the bare minimum instructions. Wow was I wrong. This is a great instructional ebook, with pictures & video. Not only do you get the book, you get bonuses, updates and newsletters. I have bought several ebooks and watched instructions on YouTube and this has been by far the best instructions for Deco Mesh I have seen! This is a great investment.  If you have any creativity in your bones, you can just keep building on what you learn here. If no creativity, you can at least create what you see. 

Pam Martin- Madison, NC

Wow! I love this e-book. Instructions and illustrations are prefect and very easy to follow. I had made some mesh wreaths after watching several youtube videos and these wreaths were ok; I had even sold a few of them but they lacked a little something. After the e-book, the wreaths are much better; quality of construction and eye appeal far above my first ones. Thanks Julie!

Debbie M.- Washington, NC

Not having purchased a crafting e-book before, I was hesitant, but I decided to splurge for my birthday gift to myself and order the e-book. I am so glad that I did! The step by step directions and pictures make this so easy to use - and there are so many ideas! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to begin a new crafting hobby or perfect the crafts they are already making. This e-book is very user friendly and the instructions are step-by-step, even a novice to the craft world would appreciate it!

Sandi L.- Goldsboro, NC


I had several doubts before I purchased the E-Book because I have purchased E-Book and videos in the past and was very disappointed. This purchase was probably the best investment I've purchased; it is very clear, loaded with instructions and very easy to download. I already sold 2 wreaths after viewing this video using the techniques that I learned. Very satisfied with this purchase would definitely recommend this product.

Rosie Stuttgart- Arkansas


YES, ALL OF THIS  is included FREE with your purchase:
(Please note this is to show you the VALUE you will receive NOT what you will be charged!)


1. Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design e-book


2. Full access to Deco Mesh Craze Forum


3. Designing Deco Mesh Garland & Decorations Guide $24.97
4. Spreadsheet - Retail Price Mark-Up Calculation $9.97
5. Learn Deco Mesh Design Christmas Wreath - 30 Minute Video $29.97
6. How to Package a Deco Mesh Wreath for Shipment Report $14.97
7. Wreath Recipes and Tutorial Emails
8. Curly Loop Video Tutorial $19.97

Estimated VALUE OVER  $184.82 but FREE


Easy Access to

"Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design"


I want to learn to make my own gorgeous, full deco mesh wreaths, saving me money and teaching me a new craft!

  • I understand that results of testimonials and examples on this page are not “typical” results and that you make NO promises or guarantees that I will produce any specific design or result. I realize that my own efforts are unique and my results may vary from those shown or implied.

  • I understand this e-book is an electronic book delivered over the web and will be downloaded to my computer or device in a PDF format which can be opened by a Windows computer or a Mac computer containing Adobe Acrobat Reader (download Adobe Reader for FREE here) or to an ipad or other e-reader. I understand that this electronic book is formated for digital use and may not print clearly if printed on a personal printer.

  • I will be sent immediately to the download page after successful payment and if for any reason my computer loses connection, Southern Charm Wreaths will immediately email me instructions as a back up.

  • However, I also know that if I don't get the results I want, or for any reason in the next 60 days, I can ask for a complete refund, and you will cheerfully refund my entire purchase price. And everything I've downloaded is mine to keep. Either way, I can't lose!

“Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design”

This Bundled Pack retails for OVER $100.00

For you TODAY you only have to invest $57



NOTICE: Once you click "Add To Cart" you will be redirected to my shopping cart for payment. You will only be charged a ONE time price of $37 (there is no recurring charge).  Once you enter your payment, you will receive an email directing you how to download your information. Of course, if you have any problems, I am always here to help just contact me using the contact link below.

Not a technically savvy person or never purchased on the web before? No worries, I've got you covered.  If you have never downloaded a book over the web before, or if you are ever stuck, I'm here to help. I'm easily accessible by phone or email and I can help you get your copy of Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design in a flash. In fact, I've shown one beginner after another just how quick and easy it is to download e-books off the internet.

Yours truly,
Julie Siomacco

P.S. With a 60 day money-back guarantee, this is the best "no-brainer" way to ensure you start designing gorgeous deco mesh wreaths today!

"I just finished reading your e-book and thought it was very professional and well written. I think anyone from a beginner to experienced crafter could benefit a lot from this instructional tool. I know trying to describe a specific action with words is sometimes difficult to convey, but you did an amazing job! Loved the pictures too. I have been inspired by you once again!"

Susan F.- Milton, Ontario, Canada

I've always had plenty of creative ideas for deco mesh wreaths, but not had the knowledge or skills to bring them to life. This e-book had great detail and answered all of my questions about making wreaths. I've made several beautiful wreaths now, and I'm asked all the time how I learned to make them.

Krysten- Abilene, TX

Wonderful e-book with so many helpful hints!  Easy to understand and to use.  The videos are great! Julie is awesome if you have any questions or need help and you continue to get great updates. I'm doing wreaths as a hobby and for gifts and this book was a blessing. I know it would be a wise investment for someone wanting to do this as a business.

Setina - Marietta, GA


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